Gaza (a poem)

That’s where the library stood

And here the infant school,

On that tree she carved his name

Ahmed Hussain Al-Rashid Rasul.

That’s now his liver on the tree

And his hand by the classroom door

His head is in the library

And his brains are on its floor.

That’s her baby’s arm across her chest

Riveted by a shrapnel blow

Its fingers reaching for the breast

That, alas, is there no more.

A drone has taken Nour’s head

And Ahmed’s shred to pieces

Of flesh and bone that none can mourn –

And all in the name of Moses.

Phosphorus has burnt out Wahid’s eyes

And fireballs charred the dead

Turning the martyrs of   Palestine

To burnt offerings instead.

Stone, rock, dust and fire

The land is a blasted heath,

The sky is emptied of its Gods

Israel’s sown the dragon’s teeth.

And round by round from that stony ground

Rise the armies of the dead

Right across the Muslim world from which all justice’s fled.

Not martyrs now but soldiers

Marching as to war,

The seed that blind Israel’s sown

Has created its own Nakbah